Product Features

With so many choices of sportswear available, you'll find yourself bewildered by all the options that lie before you. However, the most important thing is to invest in an outfit that is comfortable,
well-tailored, and versatile.

Wouldn't it be great if you could wear the same outfit for casual outings,
vacations, business, or sporting activities?

If you're looking for such garments, then you're in the right place because Movetes clothing provides athletic performance and street style looks with superior design and function.

Here are some of the features that make Movetes apparel different from others:

moisture wicking


When it comes to an active lifestyle, sweating is inevitable. Sometimes, you might feel the urge to change your clothes from time-to-time to keep dry. In turn, it might deny you the opportunity to maximize your time while outdoors, which is why moisture-wicking fabrics can be your best friend.

These fabrics provide a fresh feel even after sweating all day long. They absorb sweat and move it away from the skin to make it evaporate easily. Moreover, the fabric removes excess sweat and helps keep you dry even when exercising outdoors in hot and humid weather.

If you experience irritation or discomfort on your skin due to prolonged exposure to moisture, then apparel with moisture-wicking fabric provides relief. It helps prevent clammy feelings on the skin by quickly evaporating sweat and reducing chafing caused by your outfit's abrasion while playing. 

Caring for this fabric is easy as it doesn't require frequent washing due to its stain-release properties. Simply wash it in cold water after use and avoid fabric softeners to preserve its effectiveness. It also has some technical benefits, such as antibacterial properties that ensure freshness of your body even after your exercise session. What's more, this fabric doesn't fade or shrink
no matter how many times you wash it.

cool touch

Cool Touch

Let's say you're online shopping for golf apparel or workout outfits, and then you see an advert for clothes that have a "cooling effect." Your choice is obvious; what could be more important than keeping cool while staying active?

Having activewear that feels cool next to the skin is a must if you want to exercise indoors or out during hot weather.  We utilize a cool-touch fabric to help you stay comfortable
and make the most of your luxury sportswear.

As the name suggests, these outfits are cool to touch and can influence your performance both mentally and physically. Whether playing golf, cycling, swimming, or hiking,
these outfits give you a comfortable feel.

4-way stretch
4-Way Stretch

No one wants to compromise comfort when they're looking for fitness outfits.
Therefore, you should consider clothes that give you freedom of movement.

Movetes makes every item with high-quality 4-way stretch fabrics that lets you move without restrictions. Unlike 2-way stretch that only provides partial flexibility either length or width, 4-way stretches both length and width directions, allowing for unrestricted motion
of your arms, legs, and torso.

The 4-way stretch clothes support full-body flexibility, which means you can work out comfortably without straining your muscles. For this reason, they're suitable for all activities such as aerobics, running, yoga, dancing, and of course golf!

The fabric can stretch and spring back without losing its original shape. The stretching properties make your apparel durable and resistant to any force applied. Plus, it's machine washable and dryer safe, which allows you to wash it easily without having to dry it on a flat surface.

sun protection

Sun Protection

We don't have control over the weather, but we can choose what we wear to protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays. Even though many products are available in the market and claim to offer UV protection, not all live up to their promises.

Movetes activewear uses Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ fabric which prevents sunburn and provides better coverage against harmful rays. The fabric protects you from the damaging sun rays while allowing air to circulate to your body to prevent overheating.

The UPF 50+ sun protection allows the fabric to absorb UVA and UVB rays making the outfits safe for outdoor exposure. As a result, it increases comfort during activities like
surfing, skiing, camping, sailing, and more.

side pockets
Side Pockets

Who doesn't love pockets? We sometimes forget about our phones when we're out enjoying outdoor activities. We want to record every moment, but we also don't want to put them
in danger of falling into water or getting dirty.

Movetes Nova Leggings have side pockets to protect your belongings from getting lost or wet. The side pockets are aligned with your body, giving you a streamlined appearance. They let you hold items while engaging in strenuous physical activities such as climbing or jumping.

If you enjoy traveling, these leggings with a side pocket may come in handy. You'll be able to keep your phone, keys, and money with you while still feeling comfortable. Therefore, you don't have to struggle to carry a bag whenever you go on short errands or worry
about where you're going to leave your items.

Besides the Nova legging, our skorts and jackets include hidden pockets that can aid in the concealment of minor items, enhancing your privacy while safeguarding you from pickpockets. We utilize invisible zippers that makes for equal parts stylish and functional.

light weight and soft touch
Lightweight, Soft Touch

One of the biggest challenges when wearing activewear outfits is finding something that feels good against your skin. This is where lightweight and soft-touch fabrics come in as they don't add bulk to your body, making it easier for you to move freely without feeling tied down.

Lightweight fabrics are suitable for people with sensitive skin allowing less irritation by providing excellent air circulation. These textiles are extremely breathable, making them ideal
for high-intensity cardio activities.

Another benefit of these fabrics is that they don't cling to your skin after every wash, ensuring that your favorite Restore Sweater stays soft each time, so go ahead and grab it for your night on the town.


Bottom Line

Before you purchase your activewear, make sure that it fits your needs and has features that will help you look and feel your best. If you're a fitness fanatic looking to update your workout wardrobe or you just love activewear for a casual look, Movetes has what you need. Whether you're looking for women's golf clothing, leggings, sweaters, or tops, all are available in different sizes and colors.