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Our Story


Our Mission

Movetes began as a quest to design just one shirt. And that one shirt has ultimately created more options than an entire wardrobe. The shirt is feminine, structured, elegant in its simplicity and style, and whether unadorned or accessorized, is relevant to any occasion. We aim to keep women outfitted for every facet of life – from tee to cup – and wherever her aspirations may lead.

It’s said that every great wardrobe should have options. However, what we choose to wear embodies more than style — it inspires us to say yes to ourselves more often. The option to say yes to that day trip you’ve been wanting to take. The option to say yes to exploring a new culture. The option to say yes when the friend you haven’t seen in three months says let’s meet. And sometimes the option is just to say hello to someone you’ve never met.

Wherever your quest may lead, follow it and follow through. And you may find that our shirt is the one you're always reaching for. The option is yours.