Our Story

Classically inspired with an edge of
sport + sophistication that plays anywhere

Fitness trainer and avid golfer Maureen Carruthers founded MOVETES in 2016 with an aim to provide today’s active woman with well-made clothing that is attractive, contemporary, elegant and practical, and to provide options as a category and alternative to fast-fashion. Designed for work and beyond, its versatile, modern apparel collection and complementary activewear and accessories have grown thoughtfully through advancements in sustainability and by listening to customers about their athletic, recreation and everyday lifestyle needs. It continually strives to make a positive impact for its customers and the environment, and welcomes collaboration with others to do the same. 

Its motto is “Style That Drives You To Play!”

Our Values

We exist to empower sophisticated and active women to live comfortable, fashionable lives in well-tailored and sustainably produced apparel that is made with the highest quality, integrity, and purpose woven into every garment we make. Our team shares an important set of values – Collaboration, Customer Commitment, Diversity, Fun, Honesty, Inclusion, Innovation, Integrity, Sustainability and Teamwork. These values guide MOVETES in our interactions with each other and with all members of our community. 

A Desire to Improve

Looking back over the past year, and launching MOVETES’ first sustainable collection, I had one goal in mind— Don’t try to make everything, try to make special things. Create styles that work with other brands as easily as alone. Design pieces that are attractive and elegant, classic and flattering, but most importantly, need to be sustainable, like the best recipes using only good ingredients. They must be organic, biodegradable, re-purposed, environmentally conscientious, and recycled wherever possible, including the zippers.
But along with my enthusiasm came the realization that people don’t always look at the ingredients. And if that’s true, does any of us really know what we are wearing? We spend countless dollars on skin care creams to protect our skin from free radicals and sun exposure, and then we don petroleum-based synthetic clothes and wear them the entire day without a single thought. It’s really eye-opening when you think about it.

In our quest to learn more about sustainable fashion and best practices, I came across a report written by the Changing Markets Foundation, which paints a broad picture of the intricate and dependent loop between fast fashion, fossil fuels, the world’s environment, and the roles we play in all of it. Of particular note is the mention of the societal effects polyester has had in changing our behavior. It’s quite a fascinating read, and I hope you find some value in it.

In the meantime, check out our sustainability page and our new styles. The Luna 1/4 Zip, made of organic cotton and SeaCell, a derivative of seaweed, is biodegradable, sustainable, soft to the touch, and safe enough for baby’s skin. Think of what it can do for yours.

Fossil Fashion The hidden reliance of fast fashion on fossil fuels.