Fabric Deserves More Than One Life
We all know the damage that non-biodegradable waste products do to the world. Non-biodegradable waste can last for centuries and cause various environmental problems that affect life on Earth. From manufacturing companies to consumers, everyone has a part to play in saving the planet. This is why we must contribute by doing our best to minimize the damage caused by non-biodegradable waste.

By encouraging people to recycle and advocating eco-friendly products and packaging, we are on an effective path to saving the planet. Studies from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that recycling habits and other environmentally friendly practices have increased by 6% since the previous year.

A major contributor to reducing non-biodegradable waste is Unifi, a company that specializes in turning waste products into valuable materials. And one of their most impressive products is the REPREVE fiber.

REPREVE is simply a type of fiber; it is neither fabric nor a whole garment. Fabric manufacturers can buy REPREVE yarn from Unifi and weave the fabric with other materials. REPREVE is a repurposed performance fabric manufactured entirely of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. The fibers are made from waste plastics (non-biodegradable waste) that were left to destroy the planet. These plastics are made into high-performance biodegradable fibers to form REPREVE.

These REPREVE fibers can be used to manufacture many things, not just sustainable clothing items. They offer carefully curated collections of materials, textiles, and trimmings that are ethically sourced and manufactured. This fiber definitely helps conserve energy and natural resources, thereby protecting and preserving the world we live in. In addition, these fibers can be combined with other materials like spandex, polyester, and other fibers to produce different types of clothes.

This is why, at Movetes, we have decided to take advantage of this sustainable fiber to create something truly unique. We have created a luxury sportswear fashion line by combining REPREVE fibers with other naturally-sourced fabrics that also contribute to environmental safety. Our eco-friendly women's golf clothing line is more than just activewear–it's a lifestyle.