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Our Materials & What We Believe

Every piece in the MOVETES collection is designed for a specific reason and created
with intentional materials you can feel good about – and feel good wearing!

Fabric Deserves More
Than One Life

We strive to provide thoughtfully curated collections of mindfully sourced and manufactured materials, fabrics, and trims, such as REPREVE® recycled polyester. Products made with REPREVE® help conserve energy and natural resources. Watch the video below to see our vision in action.


Merino Wool is a
Woman’s Best Friend

Merino wool is one of our favorites for optimal comfort! It’s a natural fiber that is thinner than typical wool. It’s soft, helps regulate body temperature, keeps sweat away, and blocks odors. We are proud to be using RWS certified yarns, which means our wool is sourced from responsible farms that respect and care for their sheep and the land.


Mother Nature Needs a Break

We stay positively conscious when choosing the material that goes into our products. TENCEL™ fibers are renewable materials made from repurposed wood pulp. This means Mother Nature doesn't have to work as hard when decomposing natural products like trees, because we get the goods straight from the source.

Sustainable Sourcing
is a Must

TENCEL Modal™ is a fiber that is produced from European beechwood trees and harvested from sustainable forests where 99% of the raw material comes from certified or controlled sources. The process involves converting wood pulp into cellulosic fibers that we use in our pieces. This creates a low environmental impact and is breathable and gentle on the skin.

Cotton is Caring

We are proud to be using OSC certified organic cotton. The Organic Blend Content Standard Certification ensures that the presence and amount of organic material in our products are optimal through flow tracking of raw material from its source to the final product.

Organic cotton fibers are naturally hollow which make them soft, cool and comfortable to wear. Cotton also uses less water to grow and produces 40% less in CO2 emissions. This helps promote cleaner soil, air, and water for farmlands with positive, long-lasting effects.